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A new Paradoxical Campaign for Coca-Cola®

At the end of March 2013, the famous soda Coca-Cola®, proposed us a new ad campaign rather surprising.

Indeed , Coca-Cola® decided to fight against obesity by offering us an ad entitled « Coming together ». Paradoxical isn’t  it?
In this spot, Coca-Cola® sings us the praise of its sweet drink by suggesting that Coke doesn’t make you gain weight …. if we do sport! The campaign also shows us the new offer of the brand and the modifications concerning the reduction of calories in them cans (of 650 calories in 180 now)
Even Michel Obama and Beyonce are promoting this campaign!
However, Coca-Cola® is hiding a few things including the fact that it‘s mainly the excessive consumption of these sweet drinks that causes obesity.
When you know that nearly 60 millions of Americans are obese and 28% of American children are overweight, it’s not a paradoxical TV spot for Coca-Cola® which will change the fact.
Can we say that the American brand Coca-Cola® doesn’t make the weight in front of the obesity?




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