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Are you a Viners ?

Vine? What is this? This is aTwitter’s free Vine, an app allowing users to make six-second video loops. It debuted on 24 January 2013 as a free iOS app on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

It’s only been 100 days since Vine first appeared on Twitter and users are already sending out 5 Vine videos every second.

The message, short and repetitive, has already seduced many people and many stars such as Daft Punk. In their video loop, the 2 Robots reveal the track list for their latest album « Random Access Memories », soon to be released on May 20th 2013.

Besides, Vine has become the number 1 free app in the Apple App Store. It now has a strong impact on pop culture.

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Columbia Vine:

Guillaume LE COQ


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