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Insects: a new opportunity to feed humans


Grasshoppers, crickets and others insects are now the new meal for more than two billion people all around the world.
Indeed, insects are not only an inexhaustible resource, but also good for the health and the environment.
We can find a lot of different categories of insects which can reproduce by the millions.
It’s quite easy to breed insects through intensive use of organic waste. It’s not expensive, it’s a good and positive way to destroy waste and it generates low cost potting soil which can be used for agriculture.
Moreover, it seems that insects are nutritious, high in proteins, fat and mineral content. They can be a substitute for meat to feed a lot of people in the world and have the potential to eradicate hunger on earth.
Finally, insects are good for the environment because they are clean, they don’t require a lot of water and, in fact, they produce less greenhouse gas emissions than cattle.
However, insect consumption is not yet accepted by the vast majority of people, who find insects repulsive because of their sticky or crunchy texture.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a specialized international organization under the umbrella of the united nations (UN) which is in charge of finding sustainable ways to feed people on a global scale.
This organization is a very strong advocate for the intensive use of insects to feed people and eradicate hunger from earth.


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