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Coca-Cola, Peace and Friendship!

Relations between India and Pakistan are strained. That’s why , in March, Coca-Cola had the idea to set up a drinks vending machines between the two countries. The concept, called Small World Machinery, is simple: a vending machine is placed in New Delhi, India, the other in Lahore, Pakistan. If Pakistanis want a Coke, they must share a moment with an Indian on the other side of the vending machine. Thanks to a camera, both citizens can communicate and take up a challenge set by Coca-Cola. Whether it is to say hello, draw together or dance, it must be done by both people at the same time.
Such an initiative does stay true to Coca Cola’s ongoing Open Happiness campaign


Annonceur : The Coca Cola Company
Publication/diffusion : Mai 2013

Charline P


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