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iPad 4 vs tablet Asus VivoTabsmart

Microsoft© recently launched a new advertising campaign that clearly mocks the iPad. It is still an aggressive attack, which continues to fuel the raging battle between the two competitors.

For years Apple® has been openly mocking Microsoft©. But today, to promote Windows 8, it’s Microsoft’s turn to make fun of Apple® and the iPad using the voice of Siri.

In order to do so, Microsoft© compares an iPad 4 with a VivoTabSmart Asus tablet. According to Microsoft©, Windows 8 will be able to do more things than the iPad, such as running multiple applications simultaneously.

That is why, in the video, Siri points out that, unlike the VivoTabSmart Asus tablet, the iPad 4 ‘can only do one thing at a time ».

Microsoft© also reminds the viewer about the price difference between both items: an Asus tablet costs $ 449 while a 64GB iPad will set you back $ 699.

Through this campaign, Microsoft© is pointing out the weaknesses of its direct competitor while showing its own strengths…

Here Microsoft© Windows 8 vs Apple iPad ad :

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Jennifer B


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