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The new ad of British Airlines

British Airlines designed a new ad to promote the quality of the brand and its staff with a new slogan “ To Fly. To serve. Tomorrow. Today”.

The ad is eye-catching thanks the  « micro to macro » style of filming. In fact it shows the details of flying : the wheels of the fly to the regulations of the take off.  The ad promote the quality of the service and underlines the innovations of the brand. It show all the new tools available for the passagers :  the flat bed, the digital pass or the gastronomic food. It’s a prestige advertising : british airlines  appears in this ad like a top-of-the-range company. It’s a way to justify the price of the travel for the customers. In conclusion British Airlines  tells apart, contrary to the low cost companies and it works : the ad convey an impression of security, quality and technology . It gives desire to travel with British Airlines : let’s prepare our bags!

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