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Emmy Awards 2013 : the Oscars of U.S television


Last Sunday, in Los Angeles, was held the Emmy Awards, the ceremony that honors the best actors and actresses in the American television business. Many famous series were announced : Breaking bad, House of Cards, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and many others that we enjoy watching every week on our sofa… But this year the jury decided to surprised prognostics.

Finally! 2013 was the right year for the series Breaking Bad. The television series crew had been waiting for this moment for so long, and last Sunday they won the price of the best dramatic series. Only disappointment : Bryan Cranston, in the role of the fantastic Walter White, has not received the award for best actor. It’s Jeff Danielsin from the «Newsroom» television show who won, which was a great surprise.

Moreover, many other celebrities were rewarded : David Fincher (House of Cards) in the « Best Director of a drama » category. Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) for his third award in a row… Nothing new under the sun of the series. Even Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Claire Danes, with two consecutive victories in two years, already figures of « accustomed »!

Today, the series are consumed everywhere, all the time, and at rhythm desired by viewers. The term « binge-watching » made perfect sense: the idea of watching all the episodes at once, instead of waiting for their weekly broadcast on the usual channels. In fact we are in a period when the series are a very popular product and more producers embark on this new kind of cinema…And the Emmy Awards are there to reward the most impressive and talented actors and actresses of the business.

Sources : The Guardian, Allociné.fr, Le Monde Blogs

Simon B.

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