What’s up in the world ?

Twitter© & Wall Street, a love story begins…

Thursday 8 november, Twitter©  enters in Wall Street, the New-York Stock Exchange. The buildings were also the colors of the social network and its little bird, blue and white. Evaluated at $26, Twitter© has reached up to $50 form the first day, and closing price was up 73% (with $44,9 for now). This is more […]

The new campaign of Playstation 4® : « This is for players »

PlayStation 4® launching a large-scale seduction of players: an immersive campaign , social and connected before the holidays. The global campaign , signed 180 Amsterdam wants to show the power of the players hands , anywhere in the world. Players are placed at the heart of communication PS4® , before its release on November 29. The campaign […]

Security measures for the New York Marathon

The most famous marathon in the world, cancelled in 2012 after the storm Sandy, took place last sunday in the streets of New York with an estimated 45,000 participants and many security measures because of the the bombs in Boston. In 2012, the organizers had done everything in their power to keep the famous race […]

What a funny ad in the New York Times!

Last Tuesday, in the New York Times, the readers discovered a double white page… This enigmatic advertising promoted the release of a movie entitled “The Book Thief”. But this choice of not using any words or picture to build the ad is not a coincidence because the movie deals with the value of written. Thus, […]

« Women shoudn’t … »

« …suffer from discrimination anymore. » The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, also known as UN Women, launched a new awareness campaign to show that inequality between women and men still exists. This campaign has been created and declined into several versions of advertising posters by the agency Ogilvy & Mather Dubai. After many research […]

HTC is launching a new advertising campaign starring Robert Downey Jr !

HTC launched early this week its new communication campaign featuring a well-known tech personality Robert Downey Jr. Entitled  » Change » campaign budget of one billion dollars will be conducted by American actor Robert Downey Jr. has signed a two-year contract with the Taiwanese manufacturer . She plays on the opportunities of acronyms with three letters […]